İzotomi® Student

The most important elements that determine the success and happiness of a student in his life: He knows his values, his abilities and what he wants.

İzotomi® Talent Management

Companies do not work with the right skills, they waste resources. Employees with the right competencies make a big difference in your company.

İzotomi® Human Resources

Recruitment supports existing workforce planning, the creation of highly compliant teams, employee productivity and performance.

ICA (Izotomi Certified Analyst)

It is a certification process for specialists who are capable of quantitatively and qualitatively analyzing the values of the students.

Your child is safe with our career specialists;

ICA (Izotomi Certified Analyst)

ICA specialists have at least the Accociate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF), Emotional Skills and Competences (ESAC) from Paul Ekman International and the Evaluating Truthfulness and Creation (ETAC).



Number of Persons
Resolving Personality Inventory


Number of Persons
Resolving Personality Inventory


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